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Many houses are in the state of rough houses before decoration, so what are the Feng Shui taboos before the decoration of rough houses? In this issue of house Feng Shui, we will take you to understand the Feng Shui taboos before the decoration of rough houses. Let's have a look together

1. Rough room decoration Feng Shui

1. Pink should not be used for rough room decoration Feng Shui

pink is easy to make people irritable, prone to quarrels, disputes and quarrels frequently; In particular, the newly married couple, in order to regulate the atmosphere in the boudoir, seems to be very romantic in Mrs. fan's eyes. However, with the disharmony of colors, after a period of time, the two people will have inexplicable anger, and they are easy to quarrel over trivial matters, and finally embark on the road of divorce

2. Rough room decoration bedroom direction setting

the bedroom should choose a founder bedroom pattern, which can make your love development more stable and solid, and love will also show a moderate state, not too much or less, both sides will be in an equal and harmonious relationship. If your bedroom is not founder, it can also be discussed to make the room "look" a founder pattern through the layout of items and environment

3. Kitchen stoves in geomantic omen of rough room decoration

kitchen stoves can achieve the geomantic principle only by sitting on good luck. If it is located in Kyrgyzstan, the population in the family is healthy and the husband and wife are in harmony. On the contrary, marriage is difficult to be happy, often quarreling or weak and sick, which needs attention, because the kitchen is the place that affects the luck of the hostess

4. Vase placement of geomantic omen in rough room decoration

married families are not suitable for placing too large vases. If they are accidentally placed on the peach blossom position, they will urge the other half to have good luck, resulting in the phenomenon of third-party involvement

5. The use of

warm light bulbs for Feng Shui lighting of rough room decoration is conducive to feelings. The lighting in the bedroom is very important to the feelings of couples. We should try to use warm light bulbs and less cold light bulbs or fluorescent lamps

second, the door installation taboo of rough room decoration Feng Shui

1. The door taboo is against the neighbor door

there are three pages in total, the first page 123, the next page. The two doors are relatively bad and taboo, which is called "opposite door evil" in Feng Shui. The consequence of "opposing the door" is discord between neighbors. It is easy to provoke gossip, and psychologically, it will feel a lack of privacy. However, in modern apartment buildings, it often happens that the gate of the apartment is opposite to each other. In this case, the solution is to hang bead curtains on the gate

2. The door should not be opposite to the kitchen door

the door of the apartment is directly opposite to the kitchen door, which belongs to a kind of door rushing in the house, and will cause disasters to the people in the room, such as car accidents and bloody disasters. Because the kitchen is a place for cooking, it is a hot and dry place in Feng Shui. As the ancient saying goes, "solitary Yang does not grow, and solitary Yin does not grow", dry fire belongs to solitary Yang. The solution is to add a screen at the entrance of the gate to block the evil spirit of hedging

3. The door should not be opposite to the elevator and stairs

the door is opposite to the elevator, which is a rush. Originally, the house was a place for gas accumulation and health preservation. If it is directly opposite to the elevator, the anger in the house will be absorbed by it, which is a big taboo. The law of remedy is to separate the entrance with a screen or porch

the stairs facing the gate are upward, and the health of the host family is relatively poor. The solution is to add a three inch threshold at the door, and the problem will be solved naturally. The stairs facing the gate are downward, and the main family's wealth is very poor or cannot make ends meet, so it is not suitable to lend to others, otherwise it will be like "Liu Bei borrows Jingzhou, and there is no turning back once he goes". Solution: as long as a concave mirror is hung on the lintel to collect the flowing gas, money will accumulate more easily than before

4. The gate should not be opposite to the corridor

the residential gate is directly opposite to a long corridor, which is the so-called "hidden arrow". This situation is not uncommon in modern apartment buildings. The corridor is as straight as an arrow into the door, which will lead to restlessness in the house and repeated diseases and disasters. It can be dissolved by hanging a bead curtain at the gate, pasting a mirror on the lintel, placing a pair of lions outside the door, and placing a statue of Guan Gongxiang inside and outside the door

5. Avoid the front door to the back door and balcony

some houses are very strange. When you open the front door, you immediately see the back door. This kind of house is basically a murderous house. Chinese geomantic omen is about hiding wind and gathering Qi. Only when there is Qi can there be luck and energy. Such a house with a front door and a back door must come from the front and go from the back, and it can't stay angry at all

the position of the gate is like facing the balcony, which forms the so-called "chuanxinsha", as the saying goes: "the front is connected, and the rear is connected, and both human and financial resources are empty." It's not easy to gather money at home. There are many things to lose money, and it's easy to get sick when the wind blows through the hall

6. The gate is directly opposite to the bedroom

the gate of the house is directly opposite to the main door. For example, when the gate is open in the "fierce position", a direct rush will bring bad luck; If the door is open, wealth is easy to be washed away. The solution is to close the door or cover it with a screen, so as to melt the direct evil spirit

there are three pages in total, the first page 123 the next page

today's era is an era of design talents and high-quality designs, especially in the field of architectural design. In this 20-30 year golden era of real estate, many commercial houses with ingenious designs and suitable for human settlement have been built. Therefore, many friends feel dazzled and at a loss about the choice of house types when choosing commercial houses. In fact, the quality of house type Feng Shui is directly related to the rise and fall of home luck. Friends must pay attention to it when buying a house

1. Don't choose the stepped house type.

the so-called stepped house type refers to that from the house type diagram, the whole house type is as asymmetric as the stairs, with the left high and the right low or the right low as the high. Such a house type makes the room angry and difficult to circulate, which is easy to cause the head of household's fortunes to rise and fall, and the work and life are difficult and abnormal

2. Pistol house type should not live

the so-called pistol house type refers to that the main body of the house is similar to the pistol handle, with another narrow and long space protruding, and the whole house type is like a pistol. Such a house is not four positive enough, indicating that family members are prone to various diseases, and it is better to avoid it

3. You can't buy a polygonal house type

that is to say, the house type is pentagonal or even more angular, indicating that people living in this kind of house are constantly in trouble, easy to offend officials, and difficult to live in peace. Of course, you can't buy it

4. Towards problematic apartment types

for the purpose of saving development space and making more money, some developers build buildings in the face of or near cemeteries, crematoria, factories or chimneys and other places with heavy evil and Yin Qi, sell them when a room is difficult to find, and even reduce the price to lure buyers. As everyone knows, such a house with problems is easy to provoke evil spirits, leaving no guarantee for the health and safety of family members. It is not suitable for living, and it must not be accepted

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