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Few people know that as long as the computer power plug is not unplugged, there will still be 4.8 watts of power consumption, and the TV will reach 8.1 watts of power consumption. We advocate environmental protection and energy conservation, but in our home life, how many details of energy conservation can be ignored by us? Experts suggested that energy conservation should start with design and decoration, not only using energy-saving materials that have reached the standard, but also reasonable design, reasonable arrangement and ingenious layout. For example, connecting the washing machine with the toilet, the water for washing clothes can be used to flush the toilet, saving a lot of money! Now, for some professional energy-saving products developed by high-tech, consumers will hesitate because of the high price when choosing. In fact, if they can look at the longer term, they will know that the benefits of energy-saving products are far greater than the extra costs of consumers

first, water saving:

in residents' lives, the water consumption of toilets accounts for 40%-50% of the total daily water consumption. China used to use toilets with more than 9 liters, which not only consumes a large amount of water, but also has serious leakage, resulting in a waste of 1 billion cubic meters of water resources every year. At present, the water-saving toilet standard enforced in China is 6 liters, and water-saving household appliances are continuously promoted. In recent years, a variety of products with lower water-saving standards have been launched one after another. While saving water, it also needs a number of indicators such as comprehensive flushing effect

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second, heat dissipation:

many people have a personal feeling. In the process of heating in winter, indoor windows and doors are the coldest positions in the whole room space, because doors and windows are the main channel of energy loss, and more than 70% of indoor energy is distributed through doors and windows. Chen Geng, chairman of canoe decoration, introduced that the company's new upgraded door and window frame radiator can integrate decoration and heating, doors and windows and heating, air conditioning and heating, and building and heating, so that the radiator can be multi-purpose and multi-function. In addition, the use of doors and windows for heating is very scientific, which can form an air curtain and save more energy

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III. power saving:

the root cause of electric energy waste is that in order to avoid line loss in the transmission process, the voltage actually borne by users is higher than the rated voltage of lighting appliances or equipment. On the market, energy-saving products can optimize the voltage of the lighting power supply system, accurately adjust the amplitude of the control voltage and current, so as to minimize the power consumption of the lighting system, make the lighting power supply system always work in the optimal state, and effectively extend the service life of the electric light source

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IV. heat insulation:

when the sun shines directly on the building, the window is the most easy passage for heat to enter the enclosure. If the heat insulation film is installed on the glass, it can effectively block most of the solar heat energy, and in cold winter, it can effectively keep the valuable heat in the room, This four season universal membrane can reflect the indoor infrared radiation heat back, and its effect is better than that of the 120mm concrete wall. The efficiency of the air-conditioning system will be greatly improved and the cost of air-conditioning will be reduced after the use of thermal insulation film. Therefore, the energy cost saved will exceed the cost of purchasing glass film in threeorfour years. And the glass insulation film can also block a certain amount of ultraviolet light

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