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Every owner who buys a new house will be full of joy and happiness after getting the key to the new house. However, this joy and happiness will be immediately decorated by the next new house before it lasts long, making you feel irritable and uneasy. One of the most important reasons is the limited funds on hand. Even if you buy a small apartment with a small area, you have to consider the overall bathroom design and open kitchen design in the decoration design of small apartment. Although the addition of these elements can expand the vision of the limited space of the new house, the addition of these small apartment decoration elements will bring a lot of expenses

next, let's talk about how to reasonably control the decoration cost in the decoration design of small houses

first, before decoration, carefully budget the costs involved in decoration design. This kind of accounting should include brand price estimation of selected decoration materials and manual estimation of decoration. Another thing to note is that when purchasing materials, we should grasp the expenses of large projects, such as floors, floor tiles, paint, sanitary ware, etc., and be aware of them. Don't see better ones temporarily and change your mind immediately. As long as the installation budget plan carries out the decoration design and does not temporarily change the decoration design on a large scale, the decoration cost can be well controlled

second, in the decoration design of small houses, we should ensure that the design has its own decoration style. Most of the material selection and structure should be cheap and simple, and a small part can choose high-end decoration for decoration, so as to improve the decoration grade of new houses. For example, after the basic decoration of the new house is completed, it can be matched carefully in the design of hardware accessories, lamps and lanterns, curtain ornaments, which not only makes the new house more comfortable for the owner, but also greatly improves the life taste of the small family new house, which can be said to have played a finishing touch

before decorating the house, consumers must have a general control over the materials, prices and budgets used in the decoration project, reasonably confirm the material budget provided by the decoration company, and clearly write the confirmed materials and budgets into the contract, so as to avoid additional expenses due to insufficient materials or poor quality. It is best to choose a third-party platform such as Wuhan home decoration network, so that experts can provide free budget review for owners and check your budget, so as to prevent being stolen or quoted by decoration companies. [free budget review]





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