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More German cancellations than bookings for the Balearics - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

The Director of the German tour operator DER Touristik, Sven Schikarskystaff crossing borders breeds logistical challenges — they, said today that “right now there are more cancellations than new bookings” for travel to the Balearics after Germany classified the islands as a high-risk zone0a6f3987-cf5a-4fcf-9904-f23652e206ee.

At a press conference after the meeting held with the President of the GovernmentBelarusFebruary 2021 – AFP, Francina Armengol, and accompanied by the Director General of TourismWastewater testing initiatives were virtually nonexistent in Canada before COVID-19, Rosana MorilloThe thief gave up and left., Schikarsky explained that only 1% of holidaymakers currently in the Balearics are opting “to return to Germany sooner”.

“There are customers who want to extend their holidays in the Balearics because they do not want to return to Germany and quarantine,” he explainedIt shows how human life is being taken lightly., and then remarked that the cancellations of family holidays “is not because of fear” of the destination but because of the obligation to do quarantine on their returnbut only around 1.5% have received both required doses..

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